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Barely Out of Tuesday

As pointed out by Kell-Bell in her comment to Courtney’s last post, we have been remiss in follow-up to yesterday’s Bangle’s-inspired post. So, at the risk of taking an amusing thought and driving it relentlessly into the ground, for a short time this blog will be brought to you by the Days of the Week. Today’s sponsor: Tuesday

We now direct your attention to:

Michelle Branch’s Tuesday Morning: Tuesday morning/In the dark/I was finding out who you are

Linoleum’s On a Tuesday: It’s been a while since we were last wasted/Funny how you never call me on Tuesday

Of course, the Rolling Stones’ Ruby Tuesday: Goodbye Ruby Tuesday/Who could hang a name on you?/When you change with every new day/Still I’m gonna miss you

Yaz’s Tuesday: It was her birthday Tuesday morning/realisation gradually dawning/a man in a grey suit whispered `i’m calling’/pack up and drive away

And let’s not forget David Bowie’s Love You ‘Til Tuesday: Ohh, beautiful baby/My burning desire started on Sunday/Give me your heart and I’ll love you till Tuesday

Of course, we here at will love you long past Tuesday.

[Counting Crows lyrics = 1]

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