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Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out…

I think I speak for everyone when I say, 'huh?'

Hola! Happy Not-Yet-New-Year!

Courtney and I had a fun-filled, eleven-plus-hour journey across the plains to York and Cockeysville on Saturday. We even managed to stop for some T & A in Toledo…you know how Courtney enjoys a little T & A

Sunday: obligatory trip to visit the grandparents. They were very cute and Grandma Toby didn’t even declare that I was a “Mean Girl!” for moving to Chicago…

Lunch on Monday with Rob, Leslie and the Grays…and Arthur, of course. Too much fun, hon! Later, a pilgrimage.

After that, of course, there was nothing to do but…complain that there was nothing to do

Christmas morning: overload of presents and wrapping paper as usual. But everyone seemed to enjoy their gifts.

And then it started to snow. Oh, how cute, a White Christmas. Cream-colored sashes, snowflakes that melt on my nose and eylashes, anatomically correct snow people…these are a few of my favorite things… And then. And then the power went out. And stayed out. The oven was unavailable. Compromises had to be made.

Of course, power was eventually restored. Other relatives were eventually visited. And the York Daily Record eventually returned to its usual top-notch reporting. Just another visit to the homefront. Hope you all had a festive and enjoyable holiday/vacation too. But without the power outages.

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