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Check, please!

Are the kabobs just that bad?

Thank goodness for digital cameras and my desire to carry mine with me most of the time. You can sometimes capture a moment that’s hard to describe with words. Such was the case this weekend when I found myself nonplussed by the illustration above the door at George’s Kabobs on Lawrence in Chicago.

Please tell me WHY would one choose such an illustration? Neither patron is acknowledging their dinner partner, and they look so dejected! I would only go there if I needed the emergency 4am kabob, as George’s is open 24/7.

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  1. M | April 20, 2004 at 4:41 pm | Permalink

    Maybe it’s a secret club for kabob-loving couples on the verge of divorce.

  2. carrie | April 21, 2004 at 9:53 am | Permalink

    excellent find!
    They appear to have the same scoliosis condition. Perhaps they found love while gazing at each others navels, unable to actually meet eye to eye. Or…there’s something they need to tell each other…and it aint good.

  3. M | April 21, 2004 at 9:58 am | Permalink

    Maybe George should change the name of his kabob shop to the It’s Not You, It’s Me Restaurant.

  4. carrie | April 21, 2004 at 10:15 am | Permalink

    Note the man has pushed his cup forward, unable to take even one little sip. He’s clearly disgusted with her and feels really bad for himself. Poor bastard.

  5. Kelly | April 21, 2004 at 10:23 am | Permalink

    Maybe it’s a couple on an awkward blind date, they’ve run out of things to say to each other, and the service is impossibly slow?

  6. Kevin | April 22, 2004 at 10:56 am | Permalink

    They have wanted been waiting for the check, and since they have no legs, they can’t get up by themselves and ask for it. People can be so cruel….

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