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Re-Defeat Bush

Today’s guest blogger: Jon! What does Jon have to say for himself? Read on:

I am contacting you to let you know about a new political organization with a catchy name, the Committee to Redefeat the President. I have volunteered at their last three events (I just got back from one of their events tonight!) Having seen them in action, I feel that I can, in good conscience, recommend them to all of you. I thought that I would do my bit to publicize their efforts.

The Committee to ReDefeat the President, which often goes by the shorthand “Redefeat Bush”, is an independent expenditure committee. Its purpose is to conduct an Internet-enabled voter registration drive that will secure at least one million new Democratic voters in key battleground states. At the meeting I attended tonight, a group of us, operating out of one bar in D.C. in just a few hours, registered almost 1,000 new voters in Pennsylvania.

If we can do that in one bar in D.C. in one night, just think about what could be accomplished if this same scene were replicated in cities around the country over an 8 month period!

In cooperation with other Democratic and progressive organizations, the Committee sponsors nationwide Tuesday Night Democratic Clubs that began this month, in March 2004. These gatherings (at bars and other meeting places) enable volunteer activists with cell phones or pens to call or write to households that are likely to register as Democrats but are not currently registered to vote. The goal is to get 20,000 volunteers to register 50 new Democrats apiece, thus registering one million new Democratic voters in key states that we will mobilize to vote on Election Day 2004.

Right now, to my knowledge, Redefeat Bush is only active in the D.C. area, but the group is very interested in expanding to other cities and towns around the country, as soon as possible. I encourage all of you to visit their website. You can sign up there to be a volunteer or an organizer.

. . . Several of you have told me in the past year that you would like to find some way to get involved in the campaign this year. Here is one way to do so! . . . You have more power than you realize. I hope that you consider getting involved in this organization… Thank you for your consideration.”

Thanks, Jon!

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