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“The Hand of a Man Who is One in a Million”

So, what do you all think of the new FOX reality dating series ‘The Littlest Groom’? Little people seem to be divided on the exploitative nature of the show. Does it allow America to see little people as normal reality show contestants—looking for love like the Average Joes—or will it just attract the curious?

I watched the first episode—it only runs for two weeks (presumably because of potential fall-out they didn’t want to commit to something too long). I found the show to be like most of the reality shows—really, just another dating show but with a twist—but in hypermode because the elimination of most of the contestants takes place after just one cocktail party in the first twenty minutes of the show. But, if anything, it does drive home the point that those of shorter-stature are much like those not vertically-challenged. The fact that they are little people is almost ignored, except for the show’s condescending title and some confession-cam shots when they comment on hard it is for a little person to find another little person with whom they have chemistry.

I, myself, am looking more forward to ‘Amish in the City’. (No joke—click on the link…)

In other reality-news, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy starts its second run tonight on Bravo.

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