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this world falls on me

Programming Note:

One of my favorite television segments is making its return after a two-year hiatus.

Yes, WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MATT LAUER? is returning to The Today Show starting February 9th, 2004.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this stunt. In previous years, I would make sure I was showered and ready to watch at 7am to hear Matt’s clue as to where he was and then try to guess. (Now with TiVo, I have a bit more flexibility—rah!)

For those who have not seen it before, Matt literally travels all around the world in five days…the flying alone is enough to do a person in, but if you really think about what is involved production-wise of landing, for instance, at the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain, then next morning he’ll be at the top of a volcano in Hawaii, it’s staggering that they pull it off (I think only one time were they not able to get to base camp at Mt. Everest because of weather). I’m sure they have crews which go out ahead of time, but it’s really a feat.

One can enter to join Matt on the last day of his tour this year. Click on the link above to find out how.

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