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Travel – [We’ve] had [our] share, man

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Well, we’re back.

Survived another twelve-hour drive across the bottom of Pennsylvania (too many jersey walls!) and the nothern stretches of Ohio and Indiana. Thank goodness for the 65 m.p.h. speed limit and rest stops right on the turnpike. Not too many police cars (or smokeys in plain brown wrappers), but the periodic signs which informed you of your current speed seem quite effective. As usual, we only stopped twice to get gas. The CR-V went for FIVE hours without a drink. The I-Pod played for as long without having to be plugged in. Ate Combos, drank Coke and had just a couple of the Garlic Bagel Chips (the back guaranteed tender chips, which really wasn’t an appealing adjective for what should be a crispy snack.) The promise of Chipotle at the end of our journey fueled us on…

It was $8.60 across Pennsylvania…almost the same across Ohio and only half that across Indiana, but then you’re gotten again at the Chicago Skyway.

Other travel notes:

The National RV Museum and Hall of Fame is STILL not open (first saw the ‘Coming Soon’ sign somewhere in Indiana last year). The Hummel Museum is in full swing in Pennsylvania and promises to have ample Precious Moment figurines in their giftshops. Western Penn. boasts The School of Taxidermy in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, home of Phil!

I have it on good authority that Miranda’s time was warmer and more dry for all, and I don’t think the electricity went out once. We in Baltimore received the Christmas present of Javy Lopez who will turn the Orioles around and make them World Champions for the first time in 21 years. We believe!

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  1. M | December 28, 2003 at 11:52 am | Permalink

    And let’s not forget LaMalot (which promises “Llamas for pleasure or profit”)!

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