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so what is love then, is it dictated or chosen?

Thanks to blog stringer and recent birthday-boy Jeff for the link to The Human Rights Campaign’s comprehensive coverage of this week’s historic ruling in Massachusetts.

In addition to reading the complete text of this ruling, I’d encourage you all to link to Margaret Cho’s commentary, played on NPR yesterday. She, as usual, gets across her points in an entertaining and thought-provoking way…

For those who have not seen the coverage at all, here are the keys points:

Same sex couples in Massachusetts who choose to obtain a civil marriage license will now be able to:
-Visit each other in the hospital, without question;
-Make important health care and financial decisions for each other;
-Have mutual obligations to provide support for each other;
-File joint state tax returns, and have the burden and advantages of the state
tax law for married couples; and
-Receive hundreds of other protections under state law.

Novel idea, isn’t it? And about time.

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