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They Say It’s Your Birthday!!!

Yes, it’s certainly listed on The Book of Days, but wanted to give special mention and a big shout-out to good buddy and frequent Message Board contributor Jeff P., as he’s turning 3* today! Here he is, celebrating a trip to Krispy Kreme with his pals Arthur and Kyle!

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  1. M | November 15, 2003 at 9:31 am | Permalink

    Happy Birthday, Jeff!!

  2. Brandawg | November 15, 2003 at 10:10 pm | Permalink

    Happy BDay! From a friend stuck inside of a law firm at 10pm on a Saturday night. Party it up for the both of us!

  3. Kelly | November 16, 2003 at 12:22 pm | Permalink

    Happy, happy birthday, Jeff!


  4. Courtney | November 16, 2003 at 3:12 pm | Permalink

    Hope the ribs were great!
    Did Sophie have a good time?

    Miss you!

  5. Jeff | November 18, 2003 at 11:15 am | Permalink

    Thanks – you’ll have to stop by the new place soon to check it out. Luckily only Courtney had to see it at its worst!

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