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Band on the Run

Band on the Run

Salutations from our as-yet-unnamed band. Here we are jamming. Pretty cool, eh? We’re just getting started on material for our VH-1 Behind the Music special. I don’t think we’ve even decided yet which one of us will become chemically dependent and get thrown out of the band, hit bottom, get through rehab on the third try, and finally be taken back in by the old bandmates just in time for the big comeback reunion tour… Not to mention which one of us will quit the band in a huff and break off to start a doomed solo career.

So exciting to be brand new. Haven’t even decided what kind of music we’ll be playing – although, currently, we are leaning in the alt-pop-country direction. Here are some more action shots: One Two Three Four

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  1. Pedro | November 27, 2002 at 3:10 pm | Permalink

    May I be the member who has already left to start my solo career as a tambourine player?

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