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Definitely in the 'so bad it's good' category...
At The Old Town School of Folk Music this evening, Mirandala and I were prepared to enjoy a delightful evening of entertainment by The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. What we didn’t bargain for was St. Rev. Jen and Rev. Jen Jr. (that’d be her little dog…apparently as important to her as Terry is to Shirley McLaine).

Besides an elf-eared wearing entertainer, St. Rev. Jen is head curator of the Troll Museum, a trollologist, and, as she says: “Patron Saint of the Uncool and Voice of the Downtrodden and Tired.”

Her music and schtick were quite entertaining, and I am looking forward to her new musical ‘RATS’…which she was inspired to write after Cats had its last show on Broadway. She performed two selections from Rats, including the toe-tapper: “We Don’t Have Thumbs”. I encourage everyone to keep an eye out for its off-Broadway opening.

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  1. M | November 1, 2003 at 8:47 am | Permalink

    It will be a long long time before I forget the magical performance of St. Reverend Jen and the Reverend Jen Jr. I was truly moved to tears during the performance of ‘We Don’t Have Thumbs (Why Do You Run From Us?)’ and ‘Put the Glue Traps Away.’

  2. goovie | November 3, 2003 at 1:13 pm | Permalink

    i *heart* reverend jen. i saw her for the first time on friday, too.

  3. Milt Trachtenburg | November 25, 2003 at 12:43 pm | Permalink

    Did you know that there is an indie-movie that stars Rev Jen and also Rachel Trachtenburg has a small role in it? It is called “Electra Elf.” It was produced by underground NY filmmaker, Nick Zedd. If you have a sense of humor, you will love this production. If you would like to purchase one and keep Nick from starving to death at the same time, e-mail him at No, I don’t work for Nick but I am Rachel’s grandfather.
    You can tell Nick I sent you so he won’t become paranoid and start thinking you are a revenuer!

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