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Back to Back, Belly to Belly, I Don’t Give a Damn Because I’m Stone Dead Already

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Happy Halloween, y’all! Hope everyone will be a) getting all dressed up, going out, and partying; b) staying home and happily promoting tooth-decay for the under-16 door-to-door set; or c) peacefully avoiding the whole stinkin’ scene. In case you just can’t make up your mind, here are a couple of Halloween links to help you get in the spirit:

Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard (for you at-the-office surfers – this website has sound)

Check out the Republican National Committee site and scare yourself to death.

Convinced that everyone is going to hell for celebrating this pagan festival? Head over to Objective Christian Ministries and do a little Hallo-witnessing…Because if you do what they suggest and “hand out Bible tracts, not candy,” then you’ll surely be the most popular house in the neighborhood.

Are you here in Chicago and looking for fun? Try one of these –

At Gothic Chicago it’s Halloween every day…

Chicago’s Halloween Parade – steps off from Belmont & Halsted at 8pm (registration at 7pm). Want a challenge? Try to figure out who’s actually in costume.

Or head over to Crobar for tonight’s Deadman’s Ball – 9pm to 4am.

Maybe you’re thirsty? Try Bin 36’s Halloween Brown Bag Tasting – which appears to be a wine tasting where all the wines are hidden in brown bags. I guess so that Trixies and Chads can pretend they’re homeless and alcoholic for the night. As opposed to, you know, just alcoholic.

Ok. Go have fun now.

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