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[More] Free in You

What a dorkbutt. I know that you’re all relieved to know that, thanks to Dubya, the world is “more free.” No seriously. That’s what he said as he left Washington for an extended stay at the ranch in Crawford, TX. It’s good to know that with a ballooning deficit, chaos and bloodshed in Iraq (as of today, U.S. post-war deaths outnumber the total U.S. deaths suffered during the invasion), and California in flames, Dubya still has time for a little R & R and a little fundraising.

Spin it however you like, but things just aren’t working out in Iraq the way Wolfie, Rummy, Condi, and Dick said they would. Lying to the public, exaggerating, and treating public service like a never-ending political campaign run by paranoid-schizophrenics is no way to run the government.

People, don’t forget to register to vote. Once we run Dubya out of office, we’ll all be “more free.”

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