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Love’s Recovery

YES!!! Zhat is what I believe. There is no Siegfried without Roy!

I have been strangely taken by the plight of Roy Horn since his mauling/protective act by Montecore, and by the coverage of his partner, Siegfried Fishbacher.

Check out the article on CNN regarding Siegfried’s acceptance of The World Entertainment Awards. The very fact that Siegfried would spend the time flying to Germany without Roy suggests that Roy is really on the upswing (yay!)

And pay special attention to the eclectic group at the awards ceremony:

Recipients: Michael Douglas, Cat Stevens a/k/a Yusuf Islam, The Bee Gees, The Pet Shop Boys, Morgan Freeman, Karl Lagerfeld and Lech Walesa. All awards presented by former Soviet leader Michail Gorbechev.

[Indigo Girls Lyrics = 32]

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