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MoveOn FYI: If you donate $$ today to MoveOn, every one of your dollars will be matched one-for-one, up to a cap of $300,000. What will your money buy? Here’s what MoveOn says:

“Over the next months, we’re going to raise an unprecedented $10 million for the production and placement of ads that take the truth about the Bush administration directly to the American people in key battleground states . . . . The ad campaign will focus on three main themes — themes which pollsters have found strongly resonate and which speak the truth:

– President Bush’s actions can’t be trusted. He tells us he will leave no child behind, but he cuts funding for education. He launches a “healthy forests” initiative that is actually a smokescreen for more logging.

– Bush’s actions reflect a lack of concern for working families. He reduces benefits to pay for tax breaks for the rich. He favors drug companies over seniors who need cheaper medications.

– Bush’s actions and record show a lack of competence to solve our nation’s problems. He’s mismanaged the war in Iraq. He failed to plan adequately for the post-war period. Deficits are out of control. Now, he’s got no solution to the jobs problem.

Although some top outlets are beginning to question the President’s credibility, we can’t count on the media to tell this story to the American public. And many Democratic politicians are still pretty timid about telling it like it is. With a big ad buy, we can go direct.

The Bush administration represents the ultimate special-interest Presidency. Corporations and wealthy individuals will be donating hundreds of millions to keep him in office. But the truth is on our side, and the American people know it. By banding together and getting the truth out the grassroots way, we can counteract the influence of big money on politics. If we pull this off, we won’t just change the shape of this election — we may well change the way politics works.”

You heard ’em, folks. If you’re not happy with the current administration and you’ve got a little cash to spare today, consider sending it in the direction of


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  1. Betsy | October 24, 2003 at 9:39 am | Permalink

    whoa! missed the deadline for the matching money put me on the immediate action list for future ref.

  2. M | October 24, 2003 at 10:32 am | Permalink

    Ok. Consider yourself on the action alert list.

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