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Concebido Sin Pecado

I love this time of year. The weather turns cooler, the sky darkens earlier, we all get to wear a more flattering set of clothes…what’s not to love? Seriously, folks. They say that in Spring “a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”* Well, yada yada yada. For me, Autumn has always been the season of romance. Crisp, cool days, sun shining through the changing leaves, the smell of woodsmoke in the air… The Summer foliage may be dying, but for me, this time of year is all about possibility.

And in keeping with that theme – in case you hadn’t noticed, or have been off living amongst the Amish or something…it’s Season Premiere Week for most of the networks. Actually, I haven’t been watching much TV lately – or, rather, I haven’t been arranging my schedule or my VCR to watch anything specific on TV lately. Last season the only thing I actually watched on purpose (as opposed to random channel surfing) was Buffy (RIP) and Angel (Oct. 1 premiere!). And then Queer Eye this summer. Why? Because everything else mostly sucked. I say that with love.

But this year. This year! I have hope – or maybe I just have a nicer TV (thank you Tejal). Whatever the case, I’m looking forward to hours of mindless entertainment. Who needs extra brain cells? Not I! Here’s some of what’s on my List of TV that Might Not Suck this year:

7th Heaven: Ok, actually, this show *does* suck. But I watch it off and on anyway. Plus, this year, Mary, the bitchy preacher’s daughter gone bad, is married to the very very very very hot Carlos Ponce. (No, seriously. I lurv Carlos. I have all (well, ok – two) of his albums. I even watched his Univision telenovela – despite the fact that I only have enough Spanish language skill to get by on Sesame Street.)

Jake 2.0: This show is kind of cute – it’s like Spiderman meets the Bionic Man meets TechTV. Plus, it stars Christopher Gorham, who guest-starred on Buffy during Season Two (‘I Only Have Eyes for You’ – the ep about the Sunnydale High student from the 1950s who has a tragic romance with his teacher that ends up in murder/suicide.) and it’s being run by David Greenwalt – who produced and wrote for both Buffy and Angel. How could I not watch?

Tru Calling: Girl gets job at city morgue and gets the chance to go back 24 hours and try to prevent people from dying. Sounds like second-rate sci-fi fare, but it stars Eliza Dushku, who played Faith on Buffy (hello? hot!), so I have to at least check it out. Hmm…I’m sensing a theme here in my Fall TV choices…

Angel: Angel. Spike. Harmony! Gonna be glued to this one. Natch.

Tarzan: Well, this show is sure to suck. But maybe I’ll check it out since Lucy Lawless just signed on to play Tarzan’s aunt. Then again, this show is sure to *really* suck, so maybe I’ll just go watch Xena re-runs.

K Street: Mixing real politicians and actors in a wacky, issue-oriented mugfest. It’s on HBO – but since my cable company seems to have hooked me up with every single premium channel (and not just the Showtime channel that I ordered), this is now a possibility. Might be fun just for the voyeuristic thrill of watching James Carville and Mary Matalin spar and vamp.

Must See TV: Friends, Will and Grace, ER, West Wing…I’ll probably try to watch some of these. Although my Thursday nights are usually pretty busy…

So…what are you gonna watch this season?

[Carlos Ponce lyrics=1]

* From “Locksley Hall,” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

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