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I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar – In Numbers Too Big to Ignore

I'm expecting sensory overload...
Just an early warning note to say that the staff of will be taking a short blogging break from Friday through Sunday of this week. We’re off to Michigan, you see. No, not as in the state. As in the week-long women’s music festival.

We’re going for the music. Which, admittedly, is like saying that you read Playboy for the articles. But, really, it’s mostly true. The line-up is great this year: Catie Curtis, Bitch & Animal, BETTY, Ferron, Susan Werner, Cheryl Wheeler, and Holly Near… Of course, if we grow tired of the music, there will be other diversions. Michigan appears to be a temporary home for each and every possible permutation of the women’s community (except for the Phyllis Schlafly Fan Club, that is). If it’s left-of-center, you’ll find someone who likes it. “The Land” – as the festival property is called, is like Pat Robertson’s worst nightmare come to life. Wiccans, atheists, Zen Buddhists, vegans, Green Party members, nudists, dominatrices, submissives, drag kings, hippies, ravers, communists, sensualists, pacifists…um, and for the weekend, the staff of…

We’re expecting to have a good, if mind-blowing, time. See, this is not the average music festival. It ain’t Newport, y’all. Michigan features not only great music and beautiful summer location, it also features full frontal nudity. Frankly, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in a group naked situation. Not, mind you, that everyone at Michigan is naked (and certainly, the staff of has no plans to be randomly naked either). Just a small subset of people (people who have been saving up all year to buy adequate amounts of sunblock) actually strip off and galavant through nature (and the food line, and the musical concerts, and the workshops, and the ‘Cuntree Store’). Still, I’m sure it will make for a confusing mix of people watching and people specifically-not-watching.

I’m just hoping that it will be more of the positive, supportive, creative, diverse, and fun atmosphere that the women’s community can produce, and not the bitchy, whiny, furry, everything-has-to-turn-into-a-protest crap that the women’s community can also produce (as an alum of a women’s college, I admit that I may have a bit of a been-there-done-that chip on my shoulder). Still, I think we’ll have a good time. The music will be excellent, the company equally so, and the weather looks to be perfect. We hope to return safe and sound and emotionally intact.

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