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Yo! Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want!

The original Collegiate Gothic architecture...

From Courtney in Ye Olde England:
Thursday was a long day — which is why I’m writing this on Friday afternoon. The Internet Cafe is only open until midnight and I didn’t get back in time last night to write a proper post. [Ed. Note: Someone has been picking up the local idiom…tally ho!]

Kell and I started our journey to Beaconsfield (pronounced Beckonsfield) at 8:30am, arriving there by British Rail at 10am. Trevor (Kelly’s supervisor/advocate from her teaching semester at Claire’s Court) was there to pick us up. He is a lover of 70’s music so he and I entertained Kelly by singing along to Neil Sedaka on the way to his house. (That song ‘Laughter in the Rain’ is hard to beat.) [Ed. Note: Trevor’s house, not Neil Sedaka’s house…I think.] Anyway, we were met at his house by his wife, Ros, their two children, Michael and Anna, and two other friends. Also present were Sophie, the sweet dog who has hobbled since she took a flying leap out of their second story window, and Tatty and Sherbert, the two guinea pigs who live in the hutch in the backyard. We all (minus the four-legged friends) piled in the cars and made our way to the town of Oxford. Low-key day touring the grounds by foot and double-decker bus. Some funny gargoyles along the way to look for in the upcoming slide show. Three of the four children with us were legally or totally blind, so we were able to find a tactile museum in Oxford which was extremely accomodating in letting them touch every animal they had. Ate at a classic English Pub for dinner—then the long-ish journey back into London.

Hitting the Cindy Sherman exhibit at the Serpentine Gallery tomorrow before I head off to Heathrow. Was able to get the sweatbands that Federer wore at Wimbledon in Harrods today. They’re Nike headbands which tie in the back—neither Niketown in Chicago or London had it, but came upon it almost by accident at the sports section of Harrods today. I was actually looking for the striped Wimbledon Rugby shirt which the official store did not have. (As my parents know me so well, the first question they asked when we returned was Wimbledon was ‘where was the striped shirt which [I] had inevitably purchased? Am I just that predictable clothing-wise?). [Ed. Note: yes.]

Observations: 1. People knock into other people a lot and don’t seem to think it’s rude. 2. Although I’ve gotten much better at crossing the street, I never know what side of the staircase to walk on, especially at the train stations. 3. Really talented buskers—saw one in the Underground playing a travel harp (which is still pretty darn big!). 4. Metro-sexuality is alive and well over here. Lots of Beckham-wannabes with shoulder-length stringy hair with headbands. Have forgotten to see if their fingernails are painted. Beckham’s change to Real Madrid has not yet seemed to impact the merchandising of Manchester United or of Beckham and Posh Spice in general.

[Spice Girls lyrics=1]

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