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Champers, Blobby…

Children in Need: Facts About Pudsey Bear

Pudsey Bear

Actually, what children really need are facts about why adults feel compelled to talk trash about the trials of Pudsey (Pudsey!) Bear.

“Pudsey even had to seal up his dustbins to stop fans and tabloid journalists from sifting through his rubbish in search of an exclusive story.”

And just what is the BBC insinuating about the relationship between Pudsey Bear and Mr. Blobby?! First, “Pudsey does admit to sharing a strong bond with Mr Blobby.” Then, “Blobby does like his champagne.”

Is it necessary to tell the children that their friend, Pudsey Bear, is in an ill-defined relationship with an older, diseased-looking, possibly substance-addicted rubber creature? Shame…

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