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The World Needs Wannabes; The World Loves Wannabes

So many mullets, so little time...

Update: I have now seen two episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. This show rocks! It’s funny and catty (which should be – but are not always – the same thing), fast-paced, and polished. Plus, although the victim’s environment usually gets a cleaning/make-over too, unlike on Trading Spaces, you don’t have to watch imcompetent people try to paint, assemble, and make throw pillows out of cheap fabric. Importantly, Queer Eye appears to have no specific budget.

The show goes something like this: the Fab Five (as the boys appear to be called) descend upon their not-so-unsuspecting victim – catty comments and gasps of horror fill the air. Then the fashion and grooming gurus drag Unkempt Straight Man out to the stores for wardrobe and hair (or, at least in the first two shows, hair removal (ear hair waxing, anyone?)). While they’re out shopping, the interior design, culture, and food/wine guys do major damage control on the home environment, turning it into a delightful-yet-still-masculine wonderland (although I suspect that all the tchotckes, old newspapers, and unsightly furniture just end up, off-camera, in the back yard) and, at the same time, whip up gourmet hors d’oeuvres to feed the soon-arriving, hungry guests.

When Unkempt Straight Man and his handlers return, gasps of wonder and giggles of joy abound as the home environment is revealed to be free of pizza boxes, dirty underwear, and unsightly decorating motifs. On to teaching our sort-of-hero how to cook, how to mingle at a cocktail party, and how to (I kid you not) shave. Whirlwind make-over done, the Fab Five do hugs and kisses and wish the Makeover-Previously-Known-As-Unkempt-Straight-Man much success with his party/gallery opening/marriage proposal.

What’s also fun about the show is that once the guys leave, they don’t just disappear. Instead, they gather in some swank location to sip cosmos and watch their make-over subject follow or fail to follow their advice. The camera films our straight guy friend as he dresses, moisturizes, pipes foie gras onto water crackers, and emotes newly-found charm. We get catty commentary from the Fab Five all the while.

Two thumbs up. I just wish that I could be the one to choose the straight guy victims. There are guys out there sporting mullets & muscle t-shirts who need to be shown the light…actually, there are women out there sporting mullets and muscle t-shirts who should also be shown the light…

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