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Ha! No one is safe.

Rob and Courtney @ the Golden Nugget

Just when you thought there would be no pictures posted from this weekend…hah!

This is actually a photo taken in one of our favorite diners: the Golden Nugget. At the Golden Nugget the menu is split between kitchy gambling-theme food items (my favorite breakfast choice is the Dealer’s Special) and an entire section of Huevos a la Mexicana. Strange, but tasty.

Note that Rob and Courtney are blissfully unaware that we are all being surveyed and observed by my creepy, sexually-harassing doorman, Stuart. I learned this when Stuart asked me how lunch was as I was scurrying through the lobby, trying not to look at or talk to him.

“Fine!” I said, walking faster to the gate and wondering why Stuart had suddenly decided to start asking me about my meals.

“I saw you. You didn’t see me, no!” This stopped me briefly. I mean, eek!

“Oh really?”

“At the pancake house. You were with another young lady and a young man. You didn’t see me!”

“No, no, we didn’t. Ok, bye now!” I get through the door to the residences and hurry to the elevator, now thoroughly weirded out. No one is safe. Stuart is everywhere.

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  1. Rob | November 14, 2002 at 8:31 am | Permalink

    Ohmigod! Actually, I guess I am a bit relieved that this is the photo you chose to post from this weekend’s extravaganza. It’s fairly tame, and I really like that place, despite our waitress forgetting to bring Courtney her requested bread substitute (by the way, what is it with Courtney’s apparent bad karma with bread?). I mean, you could have gone with any number of shots that you may have captured throughout the course of the weekend, including some from our ab-fab-esque driving tour (stoli sweetie, stoli) in search of Club Holiday. Or perhaps a nice action shot from Side Track, as we, in unison with 500 or so others, mouthed with glee the words to everyone’s favorite scene from Mommie Dearest:

    JOAN (with dread): why…can’t…you…GIVE me;;;the resPECT…that I’m enTITLED TO! WHHHY-can’t-you-treat-me; like I would be treated by any strANGER ON THE STREET??!!

    TINA (contemptuously): BE-cause I am NOT…ONE OF YOUR FAAANNSS!

    This of course during our 4-servings-each of that tasty Kettle One slush concoction.

    Regarding Stuart, he is evil, and he must be destroyed.

  2. M | November 14, 2002 at 9:12 am | Permalink

    Truly, Stuart must be eliminated. (can you tell I’ve been watching ‘Godfather’ on Bravo recently?)

    As for other possible shots that could be posted…well, I’m sure I would have snapped a few at Showtune Sunday – if it weren’t for my fear of accidentally capturing a snippet of the sock puppet porn video…

    Champers, sweetie?

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