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Sing It, Sister!

A lovely weekend spent with Rob, Courtney, and Tejal. Testing out new places in the never-ending search for Our Favorite Place.

A few highlights: We tried the Holiday Club. Er, no. Definitely no. Let’s see…the Cosmos were like watered down purple water. The bar was so dimly lit that we could barely see our food. Which is probably a good thing since the food wasn’t too hot either. Plus, the waitress dropped half Courtney’s sandwich bun on the floor…and left it there. It was still there when we left. All together now: “No.”

We tried the Leopard Lounge in Bucktown. Better. Definitely more swank than dank. The vintage porn on the walls is a, well, I don’t know if it’s a nice touch, but it’s certainly a touch. Drinks not so hot. And kind of a schizophrenic jukebox. It may be worth a return visit on a non-weekend night – but, sadly, it’s no Red Maple.

Saturday, after a traditional Chipotle lunch, we did a little shopping. Lots of retro, vintage, second-hand, leather, spiked, consignment stuff. Including a visit to the excellently-named, although somewhat disappointing content-wise, Disgraceland.

Evening entertainment: Good/Bad Movie Club double-feature of Freeway and Straitjacket. I must commend “Straitjacket” to you, by the way. Has to be seen to be believed…

A true highlight of the weekend, however, was our Sunday afternoon trip to Side Track in the heart of Boystown. The reason for our trip? Showtune Sunday. Hours of video clips from all your favorite stage and screen musicals…complete with a crowd that can and does sing along. Not to mention the catty and frequently r-rated audience call and response. And have I mentioned the drinks? Dare I say that they were, well, fruity and delicious? And it’s so nice to go to a bar where the women’s room is clean and unoccupied…

Still, the search for a New Favorite Bar/Club goes on…

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