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With All Their Hockey Hullabaloo, And That Bitch, Anne Murray, Too

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Happy Canada Day! July 1st marks the 136th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, in case you didn’t know – and, unless you’re Canadian (or writing a blog post about Canada Day), you probably didn’t… So, Happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors.

I, myself, decided to celebrate by walking over to Canada Place here in Chicago (on Lake between Stetson and Michigan) where I managed to pick up a couple more free tickets to the Shania Twain concert (July 27th in Grant Park, y’all).

So, go have yourself a Nelson After Dark, or a Maudite, or a Black Bear – because, now that I have a Canadian brother-in-law, I have learned that when the topic is Canada, it’s all about the beer. Oh, and some obscure little sport called Hockey.

And then, if you’re hungry and haven’t had a heart attack in a while, go snack on some poutine.

[South Park lyrics=1]

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