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In Memoriam: A True Mawrter

Anassa Kata Kalo Kale Ia Ia Ia Nike Bryn Mawr Bryn Mawr Bryn Mawr KATHARINE HEPBURN!

It is our sad duty to report that Katharine Hepburn, Bryn Mawr Class of 1928, died today.

She was a true original. And, although Bryn Mawr is the alma mater of many smart, successful women, she was, hands down, the alumna I would cite to try and epitomize the type of alums Bryn Mawr produces.

RIP, Kate. Your Bryn Mawr sisters are eternally grateful…

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  1. M | June 30, 2003 at 9:39 am | Permalink

    I’m definitely gonna miss the old girl. I had a minor obsession with K.H. when I was a teenager – I even went to Bryn Mawr partly because of her. Sending out a big Anassa Kata to Kate Hepburn!

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