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Don’t Say That You Love Me! Just Tell Me That You Want Me!

Dance, Stevie, dance!Excellent Fleetwood Mac concert last night at the Allstate Arena. Packed – the place was packed. And, while I’m at it – anyone notice how seedy the Allstate Arena seems to be? I didn’t remember it being that skanky… Meg compared the atmosphere to a second-rate bowling alley – and she’s right. Beer slime, nasty smells, cinderblock decor, unruly patrons…and speaking of unruly patrons, we had a group of them a couple rows in front of us at the concert. Drinking, smoking some sort of illicit substance, standing up and dancing wildly (all while waving their beers in the air). Totally annoying. Plus, the sight of them frolicking and carrying on interfered with our view of Stevie and her dramatic shawl-dancing. Anyway, lots of drama ensued – arguments back and forth with other members of our section, lots of screaming – all until someone called the police…who came and asked the rabblerousers to leave. The rabblerousers argued and gesticulated and generally gave the policeman a hard time. Hello? Way to make the situation worse. Anyway, they were finally escorted from the stadium – to much applause from our section. Ugh. Drama.

Still, the concert was totally fun. All the hits (except ‘Sweet Girl’) and some of the tunes off their new album. Lindsey Buckingham went totally psycho on his guitar during several numbers – which, frankly, I could have done without. And I’ve got to say – the most excited that the crowd got was during the moments when Stevie sang – and especially – when Stevie danced and spun around and around and around.

You can’t accuse Fleetwood Mac of phoning in a performance. Lindsey was soaked in sweat and wailing on his guitar, Mick Fleetwood was totally bug-eyed insane during his drum solos, and Stevie played with her microphone streamers & danced about with her tambourine. John McVie, well, John just stood back, played bass, and kept a really really low profile.

Hmm. Not much more to say, really. Great concert. Skanky arena. Skanky audience. Good times…

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