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But I Chose to Dance Across the Stages of the World

Except no Christine McVie this tour...
So, I’m pleased to say that I now feel human again. 🙂 Note to self: Do not do multiple shots of Jack on a school night again…

Anyway, this whole feeling human thing is particularly good since tonight we will be catching Fleetwood Mac in concert. I am expecting a rollicking good time and hope that we will be treated to a lot of shawl-clad Stevie Nicks spinning and waving her ribboned tambourine.

Of course, Stevie & Co. are just a kick-off to this weekend’s events. Some of us (as in the “us” that doesn’t include “me”) will be participating in Saturday morning’s Proud to Run 5k. There’s the Dyke March on Saturday afternoon. There’s a barbeque at Sidetrack. There’s the Chicago Country Music Festival in Grant Park. It’s free! Loretta Lynn is performing!

And then on Sunday I hear there’s some sort of parade.

[Fleetwood Mac lyrics=2]

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