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But I had to reach way down inside, I had to have faith I’d find, no fear

We're all behind you, Terri

“Today is a new day, and I have a new Mantra –

DON’T take it personally…..
DON’T give up …..
DON’T forget how far you’ve come…..

and….DON’T LET IT DRIVE YOU CRAZY !!!!…ok, it’s too late for that one !

An explanation shall follow at some point….but that is all I can muster up at the moment. Terri”

Posted above is Terri Clark’s on-line journal entry from Monday. Miranda informed me that Terri had posted a new entry…how both of us missed it for two days I’ll never know. Her words are worthy of speculation…and that was certainly the intention. Although we believe that ‘Terri’s People’ are sometimes lax in watching what is printed, which pieces of Terri’s underwear are sold on ebay, etc., if this post was somehow a late-night lapse in judgement, I’m sure it would have been taken down yesterday. But it remains posted. I think that’s a good sign that, whatever Terri wants to be telling us, it will come out sooner rather than later.

We here at will be checking Terri’s Journal on a daily basis and will inform you all when Terri comes forward with what she’s dancing around…until then, we can only guess. But do we already know?

[Terri Clark lyrics=15]

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