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I Take One One One ‘Cause You Left Me

And two two two for my family, and three three three for my heartache, and four four four for my headache…et cetera, et cetera…

So, just because I know y’all care so much, I thought I’d settle up the lyric account just so everything’s even-steven. Ready? As of today, June 23rd, the count is as follows:

Aerosmith 1 Alison Krauss 1 Barry Manilow 1
Bobbie Gentry 1 Bryn Mawr songs 1 Charlene 2
Charlie Dore 1 Christine Lavin 1 Dee-Lite 1
Devo 1 Dixie Chicks 3 Faith Hill 1
Indigo Girls 22 JoDee Messina 1 Joe Nichols 1
Johnny Cash 1 Lascivious Biddies 1 Loretta Lynn 2
Martina McBride 1 Melissa Etheridge 2 Melissa Ferrick 1
Queen 2 Redmon & Vale 1 Shania Twain 1
Terri Clark 14 The Smiths 1 The Story 1
Tim McGraw 2 TV Theme Songs 1 Vince Gill 1
Violent Femmes 1 Willie Nelson 1 Wings 1

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  1. Courtney | June 23, 2003 at 1:56 pm | Permalink

    Thank you, Miranda, for taking the time in your overworked day to do this. You know I’m a bit lackadaisical about looking up the number of the lyrics, so I’ll reference this post from here on.

    Is the staff goal to add to these artists, or to continue to diversify the artists referenced in our clever titles?

  2. M | June 23, 2003 at 2:50 pm | Permalink

    I think the staff goal is to continue to do what the creative muse tells us…so, if that means 42 more Indigo-Girls-inspired post titles, that’s what we’ll do. And if it means that all future post titles will be culled from the lyrics of Whitesnake, well, so mote it be.

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