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Women’s World Cup 2003

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Yes, I write too much about sports, but I like to read about sports and sometimes I just can’t deal with the hard news stories. And my current imood is Sporty, and the last movie I saw is still Bend it Like Beckham. So there you have it.

I thought everyone (or at least a few of you) would be interested that the United States is once again hosting the Women’s World Cup. It will be held this year late September-mid October. The US was given the tournament at such a late date because of the SARS outbreak, preventing China from hosting.

Of course, we’ll just have to wait to see how the coverage is allotted since this is the timeframe during MLB’s playoffs and World Series and the beginning of the NFL season.

In the meantime, check-out the Women’s United Soccer Association on PAX and ESPN2.

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