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Why are we at work? It’s SMIGUS DYNGUS!!!

Smigus Dyngus and other Polish old Easter Traditions

“Smigus Dyngus (shming-oos-ding-oos) is an unusual tradition of Easter Monday. This day (Monday after Easter Sunday) is called also in Polish “Wet Monday” (“Mokry Poniedzialek” or “Lany Poniedzialek”). Easter Monday is a free day in Poland. It was traditionally the day when boys tried to drench girls with squirt guns, buckets of water, and much more. The more a girl is sprayed with water, the higher are her chances to get married. Usually groups of young boys are waiting for accidental passerby near the farmer markets or in the corners of the streets. Older men behave like gentlemen spraying their wives with cologne water rather than with the regular one. The girls got their chances for revenge the following day and they could spray boys with water as much as they wanted on Tuesday.
Now the Monday is usually celebrated by everyone drenching or sprinkling each other.

According to Rev. Krysa, Dyngus Day is a commemoration of the birth of Christianity in Poland (966 A.D.) in which Holy Baptism was administered to Prince Mieszko on Easter Monday, uniting all of Poland under the banner of Christianity. Thus, Dyngus Day and its rites of sprinkling with water have become a folk celebration in thanksgiving for the fact that the first king of Poland was baptized into Christianity, bringing Catholicism to Poland. The Dyngus custom is also reminiscent of the mass Baptisms that took place in the Lithuania after the marriage of Polish Queen Jadwiga and Lithuanian Duke Jagiello.”

**The staff of would like to thank my good friend and co-worker Jeff Petrich for bringing this tradition to our attention…now go fill up your water guns….

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  1. R.H. Bielecki | May 2, 2003 at 1:30 pm | Permalink

    What is the literal translation of dyngus?

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