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Lazy Saturday

Well, not actually that lazy. I’ve already made chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes and am in the middle of baking bread. Ok, the bread machine is baking the bread. But that counts, too!

And, yes, I totally missed yesterday, but clearly it was because I was celebrating Veterans Day.  I’m patriotic and service-minded like that.  So here it is Saturday already and I’m still not sure what to post on the blog.  This is the problem with the post-every-day model – it’s just not the way most non-professional-bloggers behave.  Post new content frequently, yes – that’s the key to building both your blogging skills and your audience.  Post everyday?  It just doesn’t make sense.  That’s form over function.

Note to blog readers:  complaining about lack of content and rationalizing non-posting is a Traditional Blogging Exercise.

Today I also fiddled with my budget and transaction-tracker on Mint, scheduled some deadlines on BusyCal, updated a few tasks on 2do, and checked out a couple of new Kindle books on Overdrive.  Technology is my friend – it allows me to simultaneously be productive *and* procrastinate.  Fabulous!

Speaking of technology – I am weighing the pros and cons of the Kindle Fire.  On the pro side: it’s affordable, I already have a growing library of Kindle books (I use the free apps now), Amazon just added limited book borrowing on Kindle devices, and now I hear there’s new video and periodical content.  On the con side: I don’t really want another device, I can already get video and periodical content and Kindle books on my iPad, and I can borrow titles through the library.

Logic says no need for the Kindle Fire (or the Kindle Touch).  The gadget-head in me says Want.  What do you say?


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