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The Madness of Queen Georgia

As some of you may know, RDC and I recently moved into a new abode together (Hello, RP!).  Not only has this involved the complicated integration of possessions (oh, the books), but it has also involved the even more complicated integration of cats.

Feline Number 1:

Fearless D.

Feline No. 2:

Georgia L. (this is obviously her Cotillion picture)

Feline No. 1 is small and fluffy, but also a fierce street fighter.  Feline No. 2 is the size of a Corgi and deeply lacking in fight skillz.

Add to this power imbalance the fact that Feline No. 2, despite having just come from a home that featured mirrored closet doors (in front of which she used to sleep peacefully), has now developed a fear of all reflective surfaces.  She is menaced everywhere by vicious cats (that look strikingly like herself!) in mirrors, windows, and the shiny, shiny garbage can.

She hisses.  She snorts.  She growls.  Recently, she has taken to catching her reflection in the mirror and just smacking the shit out of herself.  Clearly, she has lost it, and by “it,” I mean the tenuous grasp that she previously had on her sanity.  As RDC says, given poor Georgia’s descent into madness, the introduction of another cat is actually fairly low on her list of concerns, as Fearless (aka The Foofs) is just a particularly vivid hallucination amongst all the other hallucinations.

As of this date, there have been relatively few kerfuffles (at least between actual cats – the reflected cats wage constant war).  Georgia is deranged and eating her emotions (today: Corgi-sized, tomorrow: Bulldog-sized).  The Foofs is relaxed and has proven that she can gunsling with the best of them.  RDC and I are just hoping for a truce (and a prescription for kitty lithium) by the new year.

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