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Can you tell it’s Friday?

Ok – I know I’ve been on a post-a-thon today, but here’s one more. Back to Iraq 2.0 is the weblog of Christopher Albritton, a former AP and New York Daily News reporter who spent last summer in Iraqi Kurdistan (click here for photos from his trip) and has decided to go back now in order to report on the war. He’s been collecting donations from people on the web so that he can get equipped and get over there. Donation count thus far? $10,318.21. Not bad.

Right now, Christopher is in Ankara. Tomorrow he should be in Diyarbakir, on his way to the Syrian border at Nusaybin/Qamishli. All along the way he’ll be sending dispatches back, detailing his experiences and observations. If you want a ground-level, non-Pentagon-sponsored view of what’s going on, surf on over to Back to

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