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Things I Saw this Week

I have been informed by RDC that yesterday’s post was unacceptable.  I’m not sure that today’s post will be any more acceptable, but here it is.

Sometimes the internet fills my head up with too much incredible stuff and I am forced to share.  Usually I send out an email to a select group and brain dump all of that information into some unsuspecting friends, but today I shall brain dump onto you.  You’re welcome.

1. Artist Shauna Richardson does crochetdermy and it’s amazing.

2. Feedly is my feed reader of choice.  It takes your Google Reader subscriptions and organizes them in a visually pleasing format that’s still easy to navigate with keyboard commands.  It also syncs up with Google Reader, so you can add subscriptions to new RSS feeds from either application.

3. Beautiful custom motorcycles.

4. Geektasm: Felicia Day (of Buffy S. 7 and The Guild and Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog) is also a gamer.  How geektastic does it get?  Felicia wrote and starred in a Dragon Age II web series (and voices her own character from the web series in new Dragon Age downloadable content).  People, this is like a geek supernova.

5. For the back-up crazed among us (you know who you are): Backupify.

6. NextChildhood.

7. Something even I have no interest eating.

8. Glitch.  Play it.

9. What’s Coming to Get You.

10. Pumpkin on the back porch, I’m coming for you.

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