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One-Eyed Girl

Mary Prankster!
Friday night Courtney and I went to see Bawl’mer favorite Mary Prankster. Now there’s a girl who can rock. Apparently our Mary was in Chi-town on a whirlwind CD release tour. I picked up the new release: Tell Your Friends. It’s very very good. You should buy it. Support smart rock. I’ll post photos when I get them from Courtney.

Also – for you marathon fans who may be visiting – check the links on the right for fun photos!

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  1. Courtney | October 20, 2002 at 9:28 pm | Permalink

    Just sent the pictures over the lines—there’s a nice one of Mary and the bass player who looks like he idolizes Andy Dick.

    I recommend the CD ‘Blue Skies, Forever 2002’ to everyone. You don’t have to be from Bawlmer to appreciate this rocker.

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