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{ Monthly Archives } November 2011

The Madness of Queen Georgia

As some of you may know, RDC and I recently moved into a new abode together (Hello, RP!).  Not only has this involved the complicated integration of possessions (oh, the books), but it has also involved the even more complicated integration of cats. Feline Number 1: Fearless D. Feline No. 2: Georgia L. (this is […]



Reasons I would like to be a vampire: *snick* – that is the noise my fangs would make when I extend them.  Beware the *snick*!  It precedes the open-mouth-wide-throw-head-back-sink-fangs-into-you maneuver. The power of aging.  As in “I’m twice your age and have double the power you have.  Stand down, baby vamp!”  Seriously – how nice […]


Things I Saw this Week

I have been informed by RDC that yesterday’s post was unacceptable.  I’m not sure that today’s post will be any more acceptable, but here it is. Sometimes the internet fills my head up with too much incredible stuff and I am forced to share.  Usually I send out an email to a select group and […]


Does it count as a post if I post that I’ll post something more tomorrow? Hmm… Wait. My blog, my rules. It counts. Later, peeps!

Slow Cooked Surprise

Tonight for dinner: Slow Cooker Surprise.  Actually, it’s not so much a surprise as to what it is, as it will be a surprise as to how it tastes.  I threw in some frozen short ribs and a whole mess of marinade-y seasonings, BBQ sauce, rice wine vinegar, tomato sauce, molasses, a chopped up onion, […]

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So, this morning on the Purple Line, I spent my endless commute creating lists. Two, to start: this week’s grocery list and a Book List. The grocery list is overdue, as I have been trapped in the cycle of thinking “we need more xyz” and then promptly forgetting to order xyz for weeks now, but […]


NaBloPoMo. Worst name ever.

So, Darx suggested that we do NaBloPoMo together this year. After much thought, and despite the fact that it sounds like a particularly chewy maki roll, I decided to do it. This means that, in honor of Darx and the Day of the Dead, this blog will rise again – at least for the month […]