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{ Monthly Archives } January 2008

And we’re back.

Under-the-hood tinkering 95% complete. Additional tweaks may occur, but it looks like the bulk (knock wood) of the upgrading is complete. Huzzah!


Who doesn’t love a game with ever-changing rules?

Under construction

Please bear with us – we’re restructuring. We’ll be up and running again soon! In the meantime, you may wish to go here or here or here.

Quack is whack.

Somehow this article was more persuasive before I saw the author’s picture…I know. This is a personal failure of imagination and tolerance. I’m working on it… P.S. Environmental Medicine Center of Excellence? Nice. I would like to proclaim myself a Senior Consultant at the Holistic Academy of Awesomeness!


This is what happens when you let the slimy, lying realtor from next door in to show your place. Wolverine tracks all over the kitchen. We hate her.