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{ Monthly Archives } March 2006

We loves us some lyrics

In celebration of our addiction to lyrics, please note the random lyric (and quote) generator on the sidebar. It should generate a new one each time you re-load the page. Enjoy!

Sisters…you know…doing it for themselves.

Hey – Have you checked out Womenfolk lately? Going strong since 2004, Womenfolk is an audioblog with a focus on women in music. And yes, there are mp3 downloads available on occasion. What you should really be going there for is the excellent heads-up on new music from female artists. And, hey – if you […]

Oh yeah…also…

Switched templates for the blog. Was getting a little tired of the last design – kind of too much in your face, if you know what I mean. Think we’ll go with this more subtle theme for a while. Yay for free WordPress themes! This one is “Golden Grey” by William Pramana.

New kid(s) on the block

A big welcome to Collene, Carla, and Angie who join the blogging world this week with the creation of Wordsmifs!! Yay! Welcome and happy blogging!

Cliff! Put that sandwich down!!

Strike a blow for freedom of speech and creative license today by watching some of the excellent “House of Cosbys” videos. Cosby’s lawyers have just sent a cease-and-desist letter demanding that they be taken off the net – despite the seemingly strong arguments for their legality as parodies of a public figure. Fight back!