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{ Monthly Archives } October 2004

Come On Baby Light My Fire

Finally. I finally did it. I switched. No, not from PCs to Macs. Let’s not get crazy, huh? No, I switched from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox. And you know what? I feel much better about myself. As any tech geek worth his or her USB port will tell you, Windows and IE are dangerous. […]

I Saw the Light

Because we here at have been threatened by certain people, we are now submitting this brief blog update – which is a bit of a cheater entry anyway since we’re just going to point you in the direction of someone else. So – over at Arch Pundit, they’ve asked the burning (!) question: How […]

All of the Fields Are Filled With Fresh [Girls] Playing Football

Happy Fall! Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend – I know the staff of did! Click here for a photo recap. [Indigo Girls lyrics = 72]