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{ Monthly Archives } May 2004


Ok. I think this is it. I hope this is it. Please, let this be it. The blog is now happily situated at Simple. Intuitive. You can update your bookmarks now. We’ll continue to tweak here and there as we get used to the WordPress publishing platform. But hopefully this is the last major […]

Happy Eliza Doolittle Day!

Anyone a fan of musicals? Specifically, My Fair Lady? Just a friendly reminder that Thursday is Eliza Doolittle Day…recall the song… One day I’ll be famous, I’ll be proper and prim, Gone to St. James so often I will call it St. Jim. One evening the King will say, “Eliza, old thing,” I want all […]

I Spent Four Years Prostrate to the Higher Mind

So our favorite little blog stringer Kelly submitted the commencement speech by Jon Stewart, Class of 1984 at The College of William and Mary and host of The Daily Show. He was given an honorary doctorate this past weekend. The same honorary doctorate which I saw Queen Noor(!) receive last year when Kelly graduated. His […]

Now I See We’re in the Boat in Two by Twos

Dinner tonight at Deep Sushi [Indigo Girls lyrics=58]

Testing 1, 2, 3

Ugh. This is what happens when non-tech people attempt to do tech-savvy things… We tried (yes, that’s the royal ‘we’) to upgrade our blogging platform this weekend. And then got locked out of the system. So, after much back and forth with the tech-support people at Moveable Type (which is a really stellar publishing platform […]


I will reiterate my question: Apple? Now I’m all for well-thought out names for children (and pets!). Should I be lucky enough to have children or be able to have a pet someday (which does not make me sneeze), you can bet their names will be well-thought out. I’ve always been happy with my name […]

Slap Bang

Attention Chicago friends and fans: BETTY is in town. Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe not. If you haven’t, here’s your chance. If you have, this is a rare Midwest appearance for the band, so scurry and pick up tickets. BETTY’s official press kit bio describes the band this way: BETTY is a five-piece pop […]

You’ve Got to Know When to Hold ‘Em

This was the pot for the last hand of poker that we played at Meg & Mary’s Friday night. Yours truly, despite wearing both the good luck cowboy hat and the good luck Butchies wristband, managed to walk away with only $2.40 at the end of the night. Considering that I purchased $20 in chips, […]

No Wire Hangers!!

Happy Mother’s Day! (Picture taken of display window at Surrender, 5225 N. Clark St.; artwork by Dan Crowley)

Friday I’m In Love

Which blog-entry should really be renamed “Friday I’m in L’Ennui.” Here we go. It’ll be over soon, so just lie back and think of England. Ice Cube’s Friday: He’s bout hard as Darth Vada/in his sweat shirt, khakis and Chuck Taylors./Just see him in the drive way/gettin beat like a smoka fool ‘cuz it’s Friday. […]