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{ Monthly Archives } February 2004

I Don’t Hardly Know You

Re: last night’s Grammys – 2 comments: 1) That’s quite a makeover, Dwight; and 2) Courtney. Honey. I love you, but not like this. [Alison Krauss lyrics=2]

over a couple of beers the other night

Okay, I had promised in the post: L is for the Way You Look at Me to seize ownership of the creation of “The L Word Drinking Game”. After the first month of episodes, I submit the following…you’ll drink enough, but not so much that you’re drinking during the entire show. Suggestions appreciated! Some relate […]

Pushing the Needle Too Far, Part II

Super Blog-Stringer Kelly sent me an update this morning about one of’s most popular web search words: Jocelyne Wildenstein. She’s the ‘surgically altered art heiress’ who has modified her appearance to look like a cat. Funny that Kell should send this this morning, as last night I watched the documentary ‘Humanimals’ on The Discovery […]

The Only Nasty Thing I Like Is the Nasty Groove

From Chris at Uffish: an explanation of Miss Jackson’s decorative Superbowl jewelry. It’s all becoming clear to me now…except for the Justin Timberlake thing. No one can explain Justin Timberlake to me. [Janet Jackson lyrics=1]

If there’s an audience to be found, he’ll be streakin’ around, inviting public critique…

Well, who knew that the streaker at the Superbowl yesterday was a famous streaker? Check out his site. Just read this and wanted to make sure we all knew. He has streaked (and struck) at events such as Wimbledon, Tour de France, Royal Ascot, The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona and many British football […]

i watched those headlights turn to moonlight

Public Service Announcement: If this is your car and you’re parked outside where I live, please turn off your lights. They’ve been on for a couple hours and your battery will be dead by dawn. [Indigo Girls Lyrics = 43]