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{ Monthly Archives } January 2004

Drunk Again

For those of you keeping track at home…I received a call from Mrs. Madrigal last night: “Miranda! Thish ish Mary…Mary…Can you close the door to the yard? I’m jush a messssh…Thank you, honey…” At this rate, Mrs. Madrigal will be taking her next vacation at Betty Ford.

L Is for the Way You Look at Me

Last night we settled in (with appropriate theme beverages and nibbles) and watched “The L Word,” Showtime’s new all-lesbian all-the-time series. The sheer amount of press on this show is nuts. Everyone has an opinion. Some people clearly think it’s just a cynical way for Showtime to exploit hot girl-on-girl action for high ratings in […]

Who’s That Girl?

Sophie B. Hawkins (remember her? Damn, she wishes she were your lover.) is on the prowl. She’s got a new album coming out in March and she’s trying to make a video for the single ‘Beautiful Girl.’ Here’s the problem. She’s looking for a girl. The girl in the picture to the left – taken […]

Politics As Usual?

So, in honor of the upcoming State of the Union, my policy wonk friend, Jon, has sent out a “fair and balanced” review of the real state of the union & of Bush’s record. Because Jon already did the research, I’m going to let him give you all the details straight up: The Bush Record: […]

Janni Wenner, Janni Wenner, Rolling Stone’s Most Fearless Leader…

Rolling Stone Editor and Adobe Executive Put $800,000 Into Salon Web Site So, Jann Wenner (editor of Rolling Stone) and John Warnock (co-chair of Adobe) are each throwing a bunch of $$ at in anticipation of ramped-up political coverage during this presidential election year. Not bad. I’d really like Salon to make a profit […]

I buy you beautiful dresses, and you treat them like they were some dishrag!

As a kid, I think I used to confuse Faye Dunaway and Lauren Hutton (except when Lauren would wear that piece to fill in the gap between her two front teeth.) But then Faye became Joan Crawford, and there was no confusion anymore. Happy 63rd Birthday, Faye Dunaway!

Express Yourself

Okay—I said in the Diana Ross post that CNN should concentrate on such things as the Presidential Election—and no sooner did I type this… Glad Madonna has waited to officially endorse until now, I’m sure her opinion will sway the election…after all, MTV News needed something to report on since Britney’s marriage is so last […]

Ease on Down the Road

In a quick glance of the headlines this afternoon, I noticed that CNN really really wants us to know that Diana Ross has, apparently, accepted a plea agreement for her recent DUI. So please read this article about Ms. Ross so CNN can bump it off the important articles page and make room for the […]

Whip Smart as the English Channel’s Wide

Dean defends race record in latest Iowa debate From the AP report: Sharpton said he was asking about the Cabinet, which has a small number of members. “No, we did not,” conceded Dean, whose state has a population that is nearly 98 percent white. Former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun chastised Sharpton for instigating a “racial […]

Don’t Think Twice

Seriously. Does anyone really like Maureen Dowd? Yeah, yeah, she gets off a good zinger every now and then. But then she goes and writes a column like this. A column that she titles “Tizzy Over Lezzies.” Frankly, I’m mad at her just for making me type “lezzies.” Twice now! But, actually, I’m also mad […]