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{ Monthly Archives } December 2003

Mrs. Madrigal Is Missing

Welcome to another installment of Life With Mrs. Madrigal. Today’s adventure starts out where last week’s adventure began: with me, home alone, trying to enjoy a little peace and quiet. This time, however, instead of hearing the sound of running water, I heard the doorbell and frantic knocking. When I opened the front door, a […]

Schuba’s (not Constantinople)

Although I like to think of myself as a ‘winner’ in the general sense—like when I’m run really far or had a personal success (I’m hearing Joan Crawford’s voice echoing on my head as I type), I’ve never been a big contest winner, or enterer for that matter. I have decided to change all that […]

I’ll Send You Some Flowers and Change Your Mind

Update on Life with Mrs. Madrigal: I came home on Monday to find a nice pot of freesia and a note thanking me for my “graciousness” during the whole plumbing situation. Very sweet. Although, really, I should be thanking Mrs. Madrigal for giving me a Drunken Landlady story that I can tell for years to […]

Now the calendar is just one page, and, of course, I am excited

I’ve never sure when the appropriate time is to start playing Christmas music, but now that Thanksgiving has passed and it’s December, it’s definitely okay. After all, last week Mirandala received a personal call from WLIT in Chicago alerting her that they were all holiday music all the time. Each year more and more albums […]