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{ Monthly Archives } October 2003

You Bring Out the Dog in Me

So, there appears to be an upswing in the number of pet-centered love sites out there. (No, no, not the crime against nature kind that involves your pussycat and your, you know, your other, ahem, “pussycat”…) No, I’m talking about the kind of site that celebrates the special (hopefully platonic) bond between human and animal […]

Shampoo Hat’s Extreme Experiments

So, I was browsing around and came across the latest post over at little.yellow.different. and, after following Ernie’s hotlink, all I can say is Oh. My. God. Why, oh why, doesn’t my cable package get Japan’s Tokyo Broadcasting System channel? Curse you, content-less RCN! Think of the fantastic must-see-TV shows I could watch… Of course, […]

And They Beg for the Truth Like Charity

It’s that time of year again, folks. Time for organized charity giving at the office. The idea is that you’re supposed to take advantage of the easy payroll system to give money to your favorite non-profit group – or, at least, your favorite non-profit group that has made it into the donations book. Truthfully, it’s […]

Riding Shotgun Down the Avalanche

Concert at the Chicago Theater on Monday night. Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin, Dar Williams, and Patty Griffin. Great performers and songwriters all, and it was fun to see them – especially since Colvin and Carpenter haven’t been doing much touring in the past few years. It was a round robin concert with each artist […]

Now I’m Running to the End of the Earth

Congratulations, Courtney! Now you’re a two-time Chicago Marathon veteran! Anassa kata! More exciting pictures to come… (photo: &#169 2003 Brandon MacInnis) [Indigo Girls lyrics=31]

Well, beat the drum and hold the phone – the sun came out today!

Arthur asked I write a shout-out to the Cubs! I’ll have to admit, I really really really hope the Cubs win it all this year. I am an Orioles fan first, but the Cubs are definitely my National League favorites. Arthur was conflicted Tuesday night as he didn’t know whether to fly up to Wrigley […]

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

This may be the one day of the year that the Chicago Sun Times actually leads with a news headline on the front page and the Chicago Tribune doesn’t. The Trib leads with the Cubs loss on today’s front page. Of course, under the giant “Ah-nold” headline, the Sun Times has printed a bizarre picture […]

Get Your Freak On

Ok, at the risk of making this site look like one of those cat blogs, I felt the need to bring this to your attention. You may remember when we first encountered a certain cat costume purveyor. Apparently, someone has invested hours of time and effort into transforming the photos on that site into an […]

Ariel: 1990-2003

Ariel: I come To answer thy best pleasure, be ?t to fly, To swim, to dive into the fire, to ride On the curl?d clouds. – The Tempest, Act I, Scene II that through a tunnel of blue light, I hear the silence of the dead, and this is music – Jan Heller Levi, from […]

If I Had $1,000,000.00

Back in the days when there were no home computers or DSL lines, I remember browsing through all the mail-order catalogs in the pre-Christmas season. My sister and I would turn down page corners, circle items, and then casually leave them around the house for parents and grandparents to find. In high school my favorite […]