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{ Monthly Archives } July 2003

My Summertime Thang Never Lets Me Down

As promised, click here to watch a slideshow re-cap of this past weekend’s Folk & Roots Festival at the Old Town School of Folk Music (subtitled: Where’s Arthur?). [Prince lyrics=1]

The Sky Pours Out Biblical Rain

You know how strange it is to have something reach down through several layers of sleep and drag you, still dreaming really (really) weird things, to a state of semi-alertness? You lie there, the thunderstorm slowly working its way into your mind, the lightning flashing through the windowpane, illuminating the bedroom in quick, electric bursts. […]

If I had a day that I could give you, I’d give to you a day just like today

A comprehensive post on The Old Town School’s Folk and Roots Festival 2003 will be presented this evening*, but here’s a preview with Arthur…I mean, what more could a little bee want besides his own kazoo and an All Access Pass? I know, maybe a portrait by Bill Fil… [John Denver lyrics = 1] * […]

Girl, You Better Work!

As first noted by Brandon, and as recently noted over on the Sideblog, BravoTV will soon (as in July 15th – tell your TiVo now!) begin airing a new reality make-over show called Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The premise of this show is that some straight guy schlub with bad fashion sense, bad […]

Cocktail Conversation

We here at have got your back. In fact, to paraphrase Kelly Rowland (in her Destiny’s-Child-hiatus-duet with Nelly), all we think about is you. Even when we’re with our Boo. You know we’re crazy over you. That being the case, we’re providing a new service to our readers (all 16 of you). Have you […]

Profiles in Courage

With a Little Help From My Friends

Good God. Who has enough time to come up with and execute this kind of thing? I may never look at ping-pong (or the Matrix) the same way again. [Beatles lyrics=1] (link via

Times Are Hard And Rents Are High – What Can A Working Girl Do?

So that’s why I’ve been so tired lately…Who knew? “I only accept incall appointments and my rates are non-negotiable.” (at $400/hour…soon, that custom-built electric bass guitar will be mine!) “Please be advised money exchanged in legal adult personal services for modeling is simply for time and companionship. Anything else that may or may not occur […]

25,000th Brain Freeze

Chicago, IL, July 9, 2003 – 7-Eleven, Inc. (NYSE:SE) announced today the opening celebration of its 25,000th store. The world?s largest convenience store chain recognized the landmark opening in Chicago, at 343 N. LaSalle Street. The company that started 76 years ago selling milk, eggs and bread from an ice dock in Dallas has now […]

You Gotta Live Light Enough To See The Humor, And Long Enough To See Some Change

Happy Birthday, Courtney & Kelly! May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, may your friends always remember you and your enemies forget you…um, may your beer always be cold and frothy, may your bowling balls always roll true, […]