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{ Monthly Archives } June 2003

I Believe in Miracles – Where You from, You Sexy Thing

Metrosexuals Come Out “The guy who drinks Grey Goose is willing to pay extra,” said Lee Einsidler, executive vice president of Sydney Frank Importing, which owns Grey Goose. “He does it in all things in his life. He doesn’t buy green beans, he buys haricots verts” Um, I believe the next sentence goes like this: […]

I Take One One One ‘Cause You Left Me

And two two two for my family, and three three three for my heartache, and four four four for my headache…et cetera, et cetera… So, just because I know y’all care so much, I thought I’d settle up the lyric account just so everything’s even-steven. Ready? As of today, June 23rd, the count is […]

Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?

SERVICE MESSAGE. If your chewing gum is JUICY FRUIT, I can bet you it DOES lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight, or after about 3.5 minutes in your mouth. (I don’t buy the LONG LASTING FLAVOR claim). But that’s okay, because Juicy Fruit is the best tasting gum and NOW it’s offered in the […]

The Next Best Thing to Playing and Winning…

Well, Alison Krauss sings the song ‘The Lucky One’ with these lyrics: ‘The next best thing to playing and winning is playing and losing’. In my heart (especially where team sports are concerned), it’s hard for me to agree with Alison. I really prefer to win! I was not a great loser as a kid. […]


Stop what you’re doing and check out The Quirkyworks Music Blog…What is it, you ask? In Brandon’s own words, it is: “A weekly music diary of original tunes and the occasional cover. My tentative limit is 5-6 hours per song (writing and recording).” ‘Brandon’s Week’ is one of my favorites. Lyrics are listed if you […]

Tales from the BBQ

Bar-b-que season is in full-swing here in Chicago. Thought I’d post a picture of our kabobs because I couldn’t take looking at the weiner origami anymore! Last night it was a myriad of grill-able fare at Jen and Sarah’s. In addition to the kabobs, we were able to choose from Meatless Riblets (learned they stick […]

I’m Your Food Innuendo Guy.

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any weirder…baby, you were wrong. And speaking of wrong, this site is sure to do, um, something to your lunchtime appetite. I won’t speculate on what. All I know is that my relationship with Oscar Meier (warning: clicking the Oscar Meier link may emotionally scar you…) is […]

i say let’s put on some tunes, sing along and dolittle all day…

Well, the Indigo Girls’ Ensemble celebrated graduation (which happens every 8 weeks) by going to Thursday night Karaoke at Carol’s Pub in Chicago. And, boy, what we’ve been missing… As a review of Carol’s so aptly states: “A comfortable sleaze mingles in Carol’s Pub. It’s a dive, for sure, but it doesn’t have a biker-fraternity […]

Ok, *Now* I Have a Headache

From the Chicago Free Press and The Commercial Closet: “The manufacturers of Tylenol will begin promoting Tylenol PM to the gay market this month, the first non-prescription drug to be so promoted, the Gay Financial Network reported. McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals is advertising the product in OUT and The Advocate, as well as sponsoring […]

I’ll Give You One Thing You Can’t Buy: Baby You Can Take My Time

So *that’s* where all my time and money went this year… Click image for larger picture. (The scary thing is: this isn’t a full set…) [Terri Clark lyrics=12]