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{ Monthly Archives } May 2003

There’s Your Trouble

Okay, I really restrained myself and did not post yet another entry about the Chicks’ issue that won’t die…even after the Academy of Country Music Awards on Wednesday night, I did not post about the boos and Vince Gill’s much appreciated comments to tell people to stop it. I applauded them for their cover of […]

I’d say that turkey went up an elevator.

A little shot of Wild Turkey in your Manhattan…

Five Miles Out of the City Limit We’re Singing

Okay. If you’ve ever traveled in a car with me, you know it certainly doesn’t take five miles for me to start singing. More like five seconds. I mean, I DO listen to NPR, but when they’re playing jazz, or if I’ve heard the day’s news, then it’s music music music. As a treat for […]

You don’t say…

Overheard at last Sunday’s softball game: “Well, they’re taller, so their balls are gonna be higher.” To paraphrase Xander from the final Buffy episode, some people just shouldn’t be allowed to say words.

I think I speak for everyone here when I say “Huh?”

Snicker-worthiness from Chris over at Uffish Thoughts.

Heaven knows I’m miserable now

Buffy wears heels to the final battle. Not gonna review the episode here (Boils & Blinding Torment has a full take-down of the ep (plus, they’ve got a great domain name)). Just gonna say that it was poignant and too short and cheesy and full of vague wicca-powered feminism. And that, true to form, no […]

You’re looking for your distance and, sensing my resistance, you had to do your will.

Whedonesque marks the End of Slays. bids Buffy bye-bye. E! Online hosts a Farewell Buffy bash. Joss Whedon answers questions about Buffy. Round-up of’s Buffy coverage. As many of you know, Buffy the Vampire Slayer takes a final bow tonight on UPN (7pm CST). Series finale. Game over. I’ve decided to take this […]

You’ll Never Fly as the Crow Flies, Get Used to a Country Mile…

I’m asking you all, the readers of, for feedback to help me understand Sheryl Crow… So I ask: what’s up with Sheryl Crow? In what direction is she steering her career? SHE’S EVERYWHERE!! Although I just love the idea of an artist crossing over into COUNTRY music, I thought Sheryl playing the autoharp at […]

Another One Bites the Dust

Chaos, unfortunately, chalked up another hash mark in the ‘L’ column today. We were behind by seven runs, had a total rally and tied it in one inning. The next half inning, the offense was too much and we lost by 8 runs. Our record is currently .333…a decent batting average, but not a great […]

Up on the Airplane

So I had to take a quick round-trip yesterday, to and from Indianapolis. On the return, I had one of my most favorite seats: a window seat on the right-hand side of the plane with a clear view of the sky and ground, near the front. I decided to take some pictures. Now I’ve decided […]