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{ Monthly Archives } April 2003

Commencement 2003

* Okay, sometimes C-Span‘s coverage can be a bit dry. But during May and June, I’d encourage you to check out this channel during your regular channel surfing, or during bouts of insomnia. It’s at this time they run tons of commencement speeches from colleges and universities all over the country. Although the messages speakers […]

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Hope everyone had a good weekend. A good time was had by all here in this little corner of Chi-town. Much food was eaten and many sights were seen. We visited the Body Builder and Sportsman Gallery, which is not what you think it is. They had a great video installation by Kerry Tribe. They […]

Trixie alert: Code Red.

Melissa Etheridge to Wed Tammy Lynn Michaels* To quote Courtney on this one: “What’s this with cool female rockers liking blonde Trixies?” (ok, Courtney doesn’t really speak in hyperlinks – that’s just some extra pizzazz from the production staff of The other female rocker known to have had a thing for Trixies is, of […]


And the light falls in streamers Into the room Streaking, flashing, flooding Colors wash through Illuminating everything I hope is true

Where is the traitor bunny?

In honor of the Easter season and All Things Pastel, here are links to the ever-popular Bunny Survival Tests and the Bunnies Strike Back. Be warned: the images of dying bunnies and peeps may be too much for some viewers.

This is a regency, not a presidency.

Reagan blasts Bush You know, I never thought I’d ever have happy, fuzzy, warm feelings toward anyone named Reagan. This has just been a whirlwind week of realizations and revelations.

Hard on the ticker…

Things we learned at the Tim McGraw concert last night: 1 Parking attendants are full of rage. 2 Always bring binoculars. 3 Always bring an extra battery for the camera. 4 Astronomically-priced fan club tickets don’t always result in great seats. Despite the school of hard-knocks lessons, the concert was still a lot of fun. […]

Heavier by the year (heavier by the load)

Welcome to the Indigo Girls audio/visual festival here on! For a happy Galileo moment click here. For some serious guitar work, click here. You’ll need to wait for these pages to load – how long depends on the speed of your internet connection. It’s worth the wait! To check out a collection of still […]

Cats on Fire

Exhausted. I’m exhausted. Went to an amazing show at Metro last night – the Indigo Girls came back through town and played an absolutely spectacular acoustic set. Courtney & I got to Metro about 3:45pm – doors opened at 6 – and we were only 8th or 9th in line. Must have been the cold […]

Too Scared to Cry

When I hear the phrase “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”, this image always comes to mind. I can’t resist bringing it out each Easter season…and now that we’re almost at Palm Sunday, I thought it was time… Please think of this picture when you’re deciding if you want to take any children in […]