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{ Monthly Archives } January 2003

You’re looking for what?!

Call it boredom, call it curiosity, call it a unique use of your tax dollars… This morning I took a few minutes to look at my search term web stats. In other words, when this humble site shows up in your google search, what might you have actually been seeking? Here is a selection of […]

Pain to Kill

Just a public service announcement here. Our buddy, Terri Clark, released a new album yesterday. Her last album was out in 2000 so it’s definitely time for some new tunes. Initial Mirandala review: This is a pretty good CD. Full of old-fashioned twang. Lots of love-’em-and-leave-’em songs. Fair number of been-loved-and-left songs. A smattering of […]

All together now, aawww…

Wesley & Willow sittin’ in a tree… We take a break from the Wonderful World of the Outpatient Prospective Payment System to take note of the now-public engagement of Alexis Denisof (Wesley, of Angel) and Alyson Hannigan (Willow, of Buffy). Ok. You may resume your non-Buffy-related lives now.

Dear Diary: “Grr. Aargh.”

The First’s Journal Public Service Announcement: If you’re not a Buffy fan, or if you’re not caught up this season, please avert your eyes. Thank you. Anyway, just thought that all you Buffy fans would be amused by this link to the First Evil’s very own blog. Most excellent. A sample: Should really stake annoying […]

I’m such a sucker.

Apparently I just can’t pass up a deal. I mean, I didn’t get up this morning planning on buying a new cell phone/wireless device. And yet somehow, just such a device has now been ordered and will soon be in my greedy little hands. What was I thinking? Well, actually, I know exactly what I […]

Free Money!

Um, we’re kind of sorry for cheating you for years… So here’s the deal. The Music Industry (you know them…they’re the ones Courtney Love keeps suing…) got caught overcharging everyone for music. Seems they set up these Minimum Advertised Price policies (smells like an antitrust violation, eh?). And now they have to give the money […]

Norwegian Convenience

Ok. Today I give you a present. Today I give you the Kings of Convenience. Individually, the kings are Eirik Glambek B?e and Erlend ?ye and they hail from Bergen, Norway, the rain capital of Scandinavia. They’re quite talented acoustic guitar players – sort of a Scandanavian Simon and Garfunkel. And like S&G, no one […]

Overheard at CVS

Woman 1 (pausing by the magazines): Look at her. Woman 2: Who is that? Woman 1: Christina Aguilera. Woman 2: Why does she look like that? Woman 1 (walking away): ‘Cuz she’s lost her damn mind.

And your point is?

An Invisible Aide Leaves Fingerprints From an article in the New York Times about Josh Bolten, White House deputy chief of staff for policy. Although the article is an interesting behind-the-scenes look at a senior and (apparently) fairly influential West Wing player, the following paragraph is tacked on at the end: “He owns two motorcycles, […]


From an article on internet dating on So, the author in this particular article was looking for a non-romantic relationship. A soulmate. No emotional attachment, just friendly e-mails, meaningful phone calls…Then they met. “It was a perfect night. The e-mails following were also perfect, and he had the grace to call me beautiful and […]