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{ Monthly Archives } November 2002


GOP Victory’s Ripples Spread Well, I can’t say that I ever really liked Dick Gephardt much anyway, so I’m not that sad to see him go – it *is* time to give someone else a chance at the reins. Sadly, I’m not convinced that the Democrats will put anyone better in his place. Or even […]


GOP Retakes Control of Senate: OK, hands in the air – who’s depressed? Who thinks the Republicans are going to be just unbearable in their smug self-righteousness? Who thinks the Democrats bungled the whole damn thing? Crap! Mark my words: when I’m Queen, none of this shite will happen anymore.

Vote, baby, vote!

In the sage words of Deee-Lite: Vote, baby, vote! Are you registered, baby? Go! Go now! Vote! [Dee-Lite lyrics=1]

I just want to be mad for a while.

This just in from the Cadillac Ranch in Bartlett, Illinois: Last night’s concert – Canada’s own Terri Clark! Courtney and I hightailed it to lovely Bartlett – which is purty darn close to Elgin, for those of you who must know – home of the Cadillac Ranch Boot Bar. The Cadillac Ranch has what must […]

I love you more than syphilis

Ok, the outrageous thing about this little news item is that, in 2000, we had a clear shot at wiping out syphilis entirely. In 2000, the CDC asked Congress for an extra 15 million dollars in funding so that it could eliminate syphilis from the United States by 2005. Apparently, syphilis grows in cycles and, […]